*Trigger Warning*-Small Bodies

In the beginning being around kids used to be so hard. I was afraid if the images I continually saw in my head. When I encountered a small body, it brought everything back.

Now when any of my parts come in contact with small bodies it is such a different experience. Our parts love to hold small bodies’ hands. We still are triggered sometimes but we look into the small bodies eyes and we know that they are safe bodies.

Today we taught two small bodies how to ice-skate. We used to teach small bodies bad things well because we did not know that they were bad.  But we liked teaching the small bodies fun things because ice-skating is not as icky as the other bad things.

I think that maybe these small bodies like us a lot because we like them a lot too. We do not hurt small bodies anymore because we know it is bad not. We did not know before and everyone says sorry to all the small bodies we hurt.

Wish we could teach all the small bodies we hurt how to ice-skate because we are really sorry to the small bodies.


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