The difference between “smart” and intelligent

One of many problems with society today is that civil obedience occurs way too often. Yes, obedience-people follow the rules too much because they think it is the only right way. People become little protégés of the sensationalized views of the media. Moreover, these people dominate in our society.

I hear people talk a lot about thinking outside the box. I do not think that the “box” exists for many. Alternatively, maybe their “box” is filled with other people’s ideas. Ideas that mean nothing to them -an empty passion that they call their own.

When people teach others with true passion I can tell. I know what real passion is-I know how to spot the fake. I taught myself at a very young age because my existence was in a forged realm.

People do not question things enough. Many accept life as it is- submitting to authority. In so many ways this resembles abuse.

When people in an academic setting speak out and teach about what is right and true- these revolutionary individuals are censored or eliminated because their ideas are too “radical”. I think that it is a huge problem when people just follow the rules.

When I see that, my school does not embrace innovative thinkers it causes me to question things. Anyone can be “smart”- memorize facts and regurgitate them on command that is the easy part. Intelligent people are rare these days- science is taking over the world and creativity is taking a back seat.

I think that higher education is doing a disservice if they condone just becoming “smart”.


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