Only 1?

Ok so my parts and I used to think that we were totally separate people. When I say separate, I mean everyone had a body, organs, skin etc. Even now when my parts see themselves they see different people with very different body types, hair colors, and some with different genders.

Essentially, we are all different people. However, when we were first diagnosed with a dissociative disorder our current therapist was fixated on making all the parts know that we were not in different bodies. I hear that this has to happen for parts to learn respect for each other or whatever.

So anyway, many of the parts did not like this idea that we only had one body and we all have to share it. It does make sense because there is so much sharing when it comes to be a multiple sometimes it is just annoying.

About a year later, everyone finally got on board with the idea of having just one body.

So now we are working with a lot of programmed perp. alters. Ok so back to this- we are all in one body idea. We have some paranoid alters who feel like there are people in their body trying to hurt them because they finally got used to the idea that they all share one body.

I am trying to figure out a way to help them see that they kind of do have a separate body in a larger body. So far, they are not buying it. It is not that I am lying to them it is just so complex. When they all got on board with the idea of sharing one body, it was a “therapeutic breakthrough”.

Now it just seems like a therapeutic mistake.


5 thoughts on “Only 1?

  1. Yeah, my T tried that, too. Huge mistake. T did lots of research and found a procedure in which he has me close my eyes and imagine I’m on a swing. He talks to me and tells me to swing to the inner part of me. This takes only a few minutes – I’m not hypnotized but I try to “do” as he suggests. I am aware of everything around me on the outside, but also, on the inside. The first time I actually believed I found the inner-most part of me was wonderful! He told me that’s the part of me that no one will ever be able to touch. An interesting thing happened one day, tho. While I was warm and safe with that part of me, I looked around (still with eyes closed) and there were other bright spots of light – one the Color of each of my alters. It was great AND it solved the problem of a coupld of my alters who don’t believe or want to believe we all have the same body. Does your T know about your paranoid alter?

    • Yes, she does. T talks with the paranoid alter almost every week. But the previous T that made it her life long dream to convince us had no idea of this part. Within all fairness we withheld a lot of info because we were scared of trusting her and it was very early on. I like that imagery idea- my T does something similar to help parts come out and go back in because if it doesn’t happen soothly then we get headaches. Good to hear from you :)

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