5k’s & Turkey Burgers

November is going very fast for some reason. It could be that my semester is ending very quickly and I am catching up on all the stuff I have put off all semester. On the other hand, it may be that the media is trying to contaminate me with Christmas cheer in early November.

Holidays are sometimes hard for me. Therefore, this year I decided to separate my feeling and just look at the holiday as just another day of the week. On Halloween this year I pretended that it was just another boring Sunday. It worked for the most part.

One of my youngest parts is terrified of Santa Clause. During childhood, everything was blurred. Therefore, I guess I could see how a child could interpret the symbol of Santa as something negative and scary. In one of those Christmas songs it says “He knows when your sleep and when your awake” or something. An outsider could interpret that it may be a song about a stalker.

Therefore, my theories about thanksgiving are that I feel like if I am thankful for what I have right now I must have pretty low standards.  Not to say that people who are thankful have low standards -it is just my interpretation.

In my house, thanksgiving and holidays in general are stressful. It is all about doing everything the same and having the same stupid traditions. I constantly have trouble differentiating between the past and the present and those traditions make it very blurry. Therefore, this year I decided that I could make it different.

Instead of running around to pick up desserts in the morning, I am running a local 5k. Then after I finish I am going to Barnes and Nobles to chill. Then I will make my way home and grill a turkey burger. I find people sitting around binge eating appealing to me. It is actually a bit grotesque if you ask me.



4 thoughts on “5k’s & Turkey Burgers

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