Safe Love

The past few weeks have been rough and scary but the darkness is starting to lift. I actually do have so many good things going on in my life.

School is almost over and I am planning to go to my dream school in the fall. I will finally be moving out of my house, which is a relief for so many of my parts and me.

Even though I am dealing with lots of scary stuff right now, I am doing it as a very healthy person would. I am taking time for myself and doing things that both my parts and I need.

I did not even realize that six months ago my life was so very different. I do not count the days and I try not to look back. I take one day at a time because then I do not get overwhelmed.

I am so thankful for everyone who comments on my dark blog posts. Even though I may not respond to your comments, I am hearing them and I am so thankful for your support and kind words.

I recently discovered what unconditional love was and I am so glad I have. I never knew what safe love was.  I sometimes can find reasons why things happened and try to find the good in the reason why. However, I do not know why I was never loved safely.


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