White Flag

Quite honestly, I feel beyond hopeless. I am so frustrated at so many aspects of my life currently.

I wish I could let my guard down a little bit in therapy so I could let other parts just do their thing. I am deathly afraid of not being able to come back after the session is over.

These parts that I want to do work in therapy are not like my other parts. They do not listen and refuse to make compromises.  I do not like the place that I am now stuck in. It is so uncomfortable and scary.

These parts got pushed down for a while and now they are back and so angry. I am just scared because last time these parts were out we were hospitalized for a long time. I know that things are different now but it doesn’t make it less scary.

I am waiting for a break that may not honestly exist.


3 thoughts on “White Flag

  1. Hope, the break you wait for is that you allow those angry parts of you, get their frustration out to someone who can help them. It’s up to you, you are the conductor, the driver of the train. Let them have their day in the session – it makes all the difference.

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