Sometimes I forget that I am a human being. I forget that bad days are typical and common to all breathing mammals.

*NOTE: I do not used the word “normal” because “normal” is a setting on a washing machine not a state of being.

I cannot believe in a higher power at the moment. However, I believe in something I think is so much greater. I believe in human strength and the power of love.

I think one’s ability to overcome the unthinkable is truly amazing. I do truly think that with time most negative things can turn into positive things.

I think that eventually the human body goes back to its homeostatic quo. And that happiness can be created within yourself even if you have setbacks and bad days.

I have been trying to find something positive from the actual aspect of a bad day. So the only thing I came up with was- the bad days can make the good days even more awesome?

I have grown as a person so much and I continue to grow every day. And the growth is because of me. I can remember the darkness but the light-not so much.

A part of me died during my abuse because I was and still am just a human being.

I am only human.


3 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. As you heal the even the bad days get easier and farther apart. Recently I have had quite a few bad days of my own. As bad as they have been, they are better than when I was first working on my incest issues. Even though I have been stuffing my feelings down with food lately, at least I am aware of what I am doing. I wasn’t always aware. Today I have been feeling and it hurts. Even though it hurts, it is still better than before. Being human is better than being dead. Not all of us survive child abuse.

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