List of Life

Since my rediscovery of my life, I have realized there are many things that I aspire to do. It started out as a thought then a drawing and now it has transpired into a list like form. I guess one could call it a “bucket list” but I think it is a thriving list.

This list consists of dreams, silly things as well as really self-care geared things. On my previous “thriving list”, I had hoped to find happiness everyday even if it is only for a moment and recognize it in the moment. The quota has been fulfilled and then some for that item on my list of life.

On my new list, there is an item that I thought would be somewhat challenging. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it is not painful nor frustrating it just is. I challenged myself to say, “I love you” to at least one person who I truly love at least once a day.

It is so nice to be able to express my love to people whom I truly do unconditionally love. And not to mention so refreshing to hear their response.

I have realized that love does not have to be a hug, or a gift or something tactile. It can meanly be a person’s presence or a word or something you feel. Love is truly unconditional and sharing that love is unquestionably a very powerful and eye-opening experience.


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