Hug Withdrawal

Sometimes I ask myself what does it mean to live and what is love.

I have concluded that living is all about finding the good in the worst situations. Making everyday special because it is just fun. Living is all about laughter and funny stuff.

Love is unconditional from people who really care about you. They even love you on days that you are not so lovable. This whole love thing is really new to me.

Last week I craved wanting a hug from a safe person so bad I really got upset because I could not get what I wanted until the following day. I laid on my fuzzy carpet for two hours because I just needed to do something.

It was almost like my body was reacting to not getting human touch that day. I find that interesting because for so long I did not touch anyone and I mean anyone. Moreover, here I was one day without human contact going insane.

I don’t get it.


4 thoughts on “Hug Withdrawal

  1. as for me living
    is embracing the happy moments
    as well as the painful ones.
    i realized that without those hurts
    we tend to be complacent
    we’re breathing but not actually living.
    i understand all your pains
    because i myself is suffering from it
    but i gave it time, 30minutes? 1 hour?
    after that i composed myself and let love in.
    if you’re up for it please check my entry
    ‘It’s My Happy Birthday!’ in July files.
    see if it can help you especially the song.
    here are hugs for you
    tight ones

  2. We have barely talked in a whole… week!! But, I wanted you to know you’re always in my thoughts and if I could, I would hug you any instant you wanted hugs. And… I need some hugs too. I hope I get to see you really soon. I miss you a lot. I love you.


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