Bad days make me realize how huge everything is and how at times I am so very powerless. The tears that are so very wet somehow release a small amount of pain. There is never enough time as my breathe gets shorter and shallower as the memories come flooding back.

I have began to crave human contact with the safe people whom I feel love from. Something I was so deeply afraid of previously. The change somewhat happened instantaneously because of a child who saw through the mask. The facade that was so firmly built up is now coming down brick by brick.

The will to “break” through the damage and replace it with love seemed so simple to the child whom merely wants comfort and love in this dark world.  The same kind of comfort I wanted, as a child however was unable to verbalize the need.

The years of solitude seem to fade into the sunset of life- with one simple gesture of love as small as a hug.


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