Discover the Love

I work with kids a lot and I am always reflecting on my childhood and/or distortions. I realize that parents tell their kids to always do the right thing. Moreover, from my perception of this is that the right thing does not always prevail.

To a child many messages could come across as confusing. I think that sometimes parents forget about the grey area of life the area of unknown. The unknown can be something awesome or something not so awesome.

People no matter how old want love. My parents never say I love you to me. And it does hurt because I wish they were different.

Love is so confusing to me because it could be so simple. However, for as long as I can remember love was always so complicate.

Everyone deserves to be told at least once a day that they are loved because the world is scary and hearing three words could make the world a difference.


4 thoughts on “Discover the Love

  1. I totally agree with you that everyone needs to be told/reminded they are loved. I call my daughter sometimes just to tell her that. I wish we could all be loved the way we want to be…

  2. growing up
    my parents
    never told me
    that they love me
    i just trust
    that they do
    when i have my own family
    i said ‘I love you’
    should be as staple
    as the the food on the table
    so it is overflowing right now
    my parents get it
    and now they’re giving it
    and that is talking about
    small act transforming the world
    your small act matters
    it is BIG time!

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