I have not blogged in a while. It is as if I have lost the ability to speak. It is difficult to form sentences these days because my internal world.

Therapy is very difficult right now. I am just confused about my memories and my life. I am not sure if what happened is actually “bad” or my perception of what happened is just somehow skewed.

I am trying to convince my therapist that I am truly insane. I think if she told me I was actually crazy, it may be better.

I live in this superimposed world where the past and the present collides creating a mass confusion of all my insiders. This somehow amplifies their constant fears of life.

This post is becoming so disorganized….


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m so sorry things have been tough for you. At risk of pots calling kettles, please remember that they will get better.

    I understand about feeling crazy, yet not being labelled as such. How can all this weirdness happen in our heads, yet we are still “sane”, right? I wish I knew the answer to that one.

    Please take care.

  2. I so get this! Feeling, seeing , being in two places at once! Sucks and it does make for a HOTmess in the present.

    Hope it clears some for you gal.


  3. I’m so sorry things are rough right now. I know what you mean by wanting your therapist to say you’re insane or crazy. I try to get my t to say that and then she tells me all the reasons why she thinks I’m not crazy…

    I wanted to say that I really like your blog background and the way you changed it. It is really awesome!

    I hope things start getting better for you! I miss my email buddy :) {{{hugs}}}


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