Who Told You Life Wasn’t Worth The Fight?

I listen a song to many times a day and it helps me get past the tough moments. Rascal Flatts sing it and it is called “Why”. This song written about a death but it brings me such a sense of life and empowerment when I listen to it.

The lyrics that really resonate to my insiders and I are towards the end of the song. The words are “Who told you life wasn’t worth the fight? They were wrong, they lied”.

This sentence tends to help me center myself and realize that my life is worth it even when others do not express that to me. This whole entire journey started because I was tired of being lost. Within many aspects of my life, I was truly lost and nothing seemed to make sense.

I lose my focus a lot because everything seems too convoluted and very far away. When it may not always have to be. In addition, every day that I thrive and live my life makes this journey all worth it.

It is both an awesome and scary thing to wake up and not want to die. I look forward to things and I just live in the moment. I mediate and I do not worry about small stuff because life is not meant to be about stress.

It can be something awesome and exciting some days :)


2 thoughts on “Who Told You Life Wasn’t Worth The Fight?

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