“Transitional object”

Peter Pan

Growing up I had a blanket that I used to carry around everywhere. Actually, I still have a very small piece of it left that I carry. Some therapists define it as a “transitional object”.

I talk the language called psychobabble at times and my blankey cannot be defined in those terms.

My blankey was and still my sign of safety. My blankey never hurts me or leaves me on bad days.

I recently met a kid who is almost a teenager who still has his “transitional object”. We had a long in-depth conversation about it.

It was cool we were listening to Bob Marley and talking blankey’s.

He made a raised a valid question that I never thought of before. Why does anyone get rid of his or her safe object from childhood?

I mean, people talk about being in touch with their “inner child” all the time. So why not have that tangible, tactile object forever.

I wonder if many people still had and carried around their safety objects would the world be different.

Maybe we could live in a Peter Pan type world, Neverland. Where no one who have to grow up, I mean they could if they wanted to but I am talking about choice.

At one point, I thought that people who wore snuggies were trying to fill a void. A void that their blankey or transition object would have fulfilled. Or I could be totally delusional which could be very possible.


9 thoughts on ““Transitional object”

  1. I don’t recall really having anything like “safe” in object or place or person. Nowadays however I have several transitional objects. A coin from New Zealand my doctor gave me once when I was split and shrink/t out of town. I have a white fuzzy rabbit that quacks that wifey gave me. Curiously I don’t have one from T. Which is rather odd. They are very important.

  2. I had many different “safety” objects growing up, one being my teddy. I took him EVERYWHERE, even when I moved out of my parents house and went to college – he was in my suitcase. Most of the time I carry one of my other safety objects because they are smaller. I have a snoopy stuffed animal that can fit in the palm of my hand that I used to take with me everywhere when I was younger. It still gives me comfort and no one even has to know about it. I liked your post and I now wonder what the world would be like if everyone still carried their “safety” things.


  3. I smiled a warm n fuzzy when I read this. I have a huge blankie on my bed that is double soft with satin all around it. When I’m feeling bad, I lay on top of it. at night, I feel the softness as I fall asleep. My daughter had a “Nug” when she was a baby. It was actually a “Snuggle Bunny” by Mattel or PlaySchool. It’s a softie hand puppet that looks like a bunny and has satin in the long floppy ears and a cape of soft material, lined with satin. It “lives” in the bottom drawer of my dresser and my daughter sleeps with it when she visits. Nug has even been introduced to her husband! Nug has always been part of our family and never something to be “put away”.

  4. I have two stuffed animals, actually 3. Two are twins and one of them is kept in my backpack at all times. The other two beside my bed. Right now they are with me in the hospital. Everyone can have such an object… even adults.. especially adults who were traumatized as children. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I never had anything to hold on during childhood. Except discociations…. Last year however I bought my inner child a teddy baer. Evers icne I am sleeping with my teddy and I feel so much comfort. it helps little Paula and if she feels safe – I am safe!

  6. Hi Hope,
    You made me giggle at the end. And giggle w my albuterol peace pipe in my mouth lol. Yes, I’m nebbing. I laughed at the snuggie thing. You are too funny.

    So, my parents let my dog eat, Sabrina, my white kitty transitional object (and everything important to me, including my medical school applications [the secondary apps are paperwork]). Never had a blankie. My cousin who is 6 mos. younger than me had one and I was ALWAYS so envious. And my stuffed doggie went missing. I still have Goosie (the tiny platypus), which I was given when I was 8. And, the dog ate her too but not to tufts of fluff like Sabrina. As you probably know I have a new Sabrina. I got her a year or two ago. She’s the third one. Sabrina the first went missing down the street from me when I was 3 and my parents were getting a new car. Yes, for some reason, I remember that. And you know the CPK doll, the pachyderm, –both very well lol– and now I have a blankie made for me by someone at church which means the world to me. I tortilla myself in it sometimes during flashbacks and snort the CPK doll bc she smells like baby powder, which I am pretty sure is pre-trauma for me. I really love this post. I feel like I’ve had to recreate safety and transitional objects as an adult, for me, for other parts, for my littles. And I’m ok with that. I try my darndest to be a good parts mom, although, like all other parenting–there is apparently no manual. But you’re making me one. So that’s chill. I know I just saw ya, but I miss you already. Hope you have an awesome day.

    Joy (and a couple of others lol)

  7. Hmm… I think I have a few “trnsisional items” not sure I like thinking of them that way though :(

    I never through about why other people don’t keep items from childhood… but the first thought I had after reading this is that society expects a person to get rid of them as the age… I mean the amount of times parents tell their kids that they are “too old” for x, y or z… it’s got to be an ingrained idea in many people that as they grow older they must get rid of things from their childhood. To be honest it’s quite sad when you think about it

  8. Hey everyone thanks for commenting. I have been busy with school, work etc. So I havent really had a chance to respond to anyones comments lately. However, it doesnt mean I dont read them. I think the topic of transitional objects is a big one and I am going to explore this in more detail at a latter date. Thanks again.

  9. I turn 30 tomorrow and still have ‘ribbons’ which come with me absolutely everywhere I go either in my handbag or up my sleeve. I feel completely lost without them. I love the smell and the feel and I tend to fiddle with them most of the day which I find really de -stresses me and gets rid of any nervous energy. Everyone knows about the ribbons, I don’t feel at all embarrassed about them. My friends love it and just think it is a part of me. No doubt some people find it bizarre but I geninally don’t care at all! Transitional objects are great! I had a wonderful childhood, no trauma but they just give me confidence, familiarity and comfort all the time.

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