Have you ever asked yourself why?

Moreover, questioned everything you come in contact with. How do you really know if blue is really blue.

What if my hurt is not really pain? What if I am not truly in reality? It is all a delusion or a long nightmare

Am I awake? Am I human? Is anyone human? What is human anyway? Do I want to be that?

Why does the light hurt more than the darkness sometimes? Maybe my light is darkness and my darkness light.

Why do people need love? Why does my skin hurt when people touch me?

How come a circles round and why are so many things made of circles?

Why is my keyboard not alphabetized? Can “shatterproof” glasses break?

Why are hearts people draw not anatomically correct? What does my heart look like?

Why is anything real? Why should I want real?

Who made up the word “should” or “suppose”? What were their lives like? Did they do everything they should and supposed to?

When can I make up my own words, how many degrees do I need to attain? I want to meet Webster; I read his dictionary a lot. Did he actually write it? Do people get paid when they add new words?

Why are there more questions than answers?



8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. This basically describes me as a whole – I am constantly asking these questions and other similar questions quite often because this whole experience almost doesn’t seem real. Like someone will show up one day and say, “Oh, just kidding! This was all just a big joke!” But I keep waiting and waiting and it still hasn’t come… So then I start asking more questions and the ugly cycle starts all over again… I totally know how you feel.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • I am always thinking I am going to wake up and be inside a cave and be in this utopian society. Questions are like circles because there are always other questions about the answers. I have a social problems class at college and I always get so angry because the professor wants us to solve the problems. I always tell her that is not possible and argue all her pollyanna-ish solutions. its always great to hear from you Bee :)

    • Thats a really good question. I think that sometimes people are scared to question because they already may know the answer. People say stuck in society never questioning anything and wondering why everything the same, they should be asking why am I accepting reality. You should look at Erich Fromm he questions lots of stuff. Take care Michael.

  2. Goodness! I thot I was the only one to ponder these things. To spend much time on it makes my head hurt, tho because there are no good answers. I think people don’t often ask because society dictates the answers and it is so difficult to change the way society thinks. It’s like moving water in the ocean.

  3. If someone says “Do you have any questions?” I often ask. “What is the shape of space? Why does jello jiggle and how far can the eye see and focus? Or I might just pick one of the questions. It is much fun. I think I can tell a lot from how people react.

    Some people look at me like I am the idiot. Some people answer. I once had a guy tell me that space was shaped like an hour glass. I told him he was silly no one knows the shape of space. He actually gave me the name of the person who knew the shape of space. I laughed. I said hopefully if you go back and read him the guy was explain how he saw the shape of space. I see the shape of space I would like to do a sculpture of it. I see when time met matter. Some see it as the big bang.

    Some people ponder the questions I ask. They tend to become my friends.

    My therapist and I looked up a word and I started reading the dictionary. I saw an interesting one and one who might be called a little shook their head and said “How can anyone see that word and not want to know what it means.” My therapist said “I don’t know.” I tend to like people who say “I don’t know.”

    I would like to meet Webster. Not so Rogers of thesaurus fame. Frankly I can’t read his work. I find it wordy. Smile

  4. I’m sorry honey but I don’t know right now either. What I DO try to know are very basic things. Like the smell of garlic, the color of my hair, how many animals I own. Right now that’s all I know for sure. (()). Also that I am hearing you. I know that, too

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