Multiples Choice

Last March I returned to school after a two-year break, and when I say, “break” I truly mean it. I spent almost two years in between inpatient and day programs almost constantly. I was on numerous different medications at a trial and error basis.

Which I think just made my symptoms worse.

After about a year in a half my psychiatrist flaked out and moved out of the country. I decided that I was just going to stop the meds.

I did no tapering measures, which was the worst thing I probably could have done. I had influenza-ish symptoms for about 3 months because of the withdrawal. I totally do not recommend doing that ever.

So that was almost year ago. I am living life today “all natural”.  I know that I do feel different without any type of psychotropic drugs, not better or worse just different.

My birth part (what I refer to as I guess the host part? I do not necessarily have a specific host part because it varies) has not really been in the outside world a whole lot in the past year.

Therefore, when we decided to return to school it was as we were just starting school from the very beginning. This also means that we did not know how to study as well as the birth part.

Everything had to be re-learned. I learn very different from my other parts but currently I am the one attending school.

However, taking tests is one thing we cannot all compromise to do yet, everyone  likes to help and they think that they always know the answers. When in all actuality they do not. They just like circling things or coloring in the bubbles. Then we barely pass the test.

Nevertheless, on tests in essay form we always can work together to combine ideas and come out with an awesomely written essay with many different perspectives. I guess this is a pro of being multiple and taking essay tests.

So in conclusion: Multiple-choice tests are not the choice for this multiple.


6 thoughts on “Multiples Choice

  1. This so just says it all. So inconvenient, multiples. Our littles always want to see what’s going on when we’re doing “adult things”. Then being little they freak. Hassle city. ;)

    • Yes, the inconvenience of being multiple. I mean being multiple does have its benefits. However, littles can be just be littles and freak as you said. I’m try to find the balance for many of my parts so far no one wants in, but I am going to keep trying. Take Care.

  2. Wow, me, too! I absolutely cannot do multiple choice tests, they make me nuts because of all the dialog and mind changing. Give me an essay, or picture drawing (like Biology) and I’m all good. It feel nice to read about others who are like me. Thanks for this one.

    • Real intelligence isn’t gauged by a multiple “guess” test anyone can pick answers. True intellectual intelligence is when one excels on an essay test. When I was in middle school I was classified because I did not do well on multiple “guess” tests, when I went to college I realized that I wasn’t unintelligent I just learned differently. I think being multiple helps us to be so creative. So I am thankful for being multiple in that aspect. It’s always good to hear from you Ivory. Take Care.

  3. I went to England and went off my meds. I was told there was an 80% chance if I went off the meds that I would commit suicide. I felt it was worth it. I went to England to be away from my family if I did commit suicide.

    I tapered off and did go through a period of two weeks where I was severely ill. I then started to get better. I came back and was correctly dx as DID.

    I knew there was a therapist missing. I remembered a few days ago that I saw one in England. I only remember the orange chair in the waiting room.

    I am good at multiple choice. I think because I know what they measure. They measure how close I can come to guessing what the person who asked the question thinks is correct. I actually approach it that way.

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