Dear Sweet Boys

Dear Sweet Boys,

When I hear you laugh, it feels as if time is standing still. Your laughter is so precious to me I wish that the innocents that sparkles in your eyes never fades.

On your birthdays, I realize that it is another year that you are safe.  Another year that you get to be little.

You recently told me that you want to be like Peter Pan so you never have to grow up. That made me happy because I do not want you to grow up.

The grownup world is very big and can be scary at times. And, there is no recess or snack time when you go to college.

You see, I really want to be a grown up person but I do not know how. I want to be a grown up like your mommy is but bad yucky things happened when I was little.

So maybe soon my sweet boys I will hopefully become a grown up. Have a grown up job and maybe find a grownup boy that I like.

But you three will always have my heart. I want you to know that nothing is ever too big to talk about.  And even if the world hurts you at times, you always have yourself. No one can take away your heart, they can hurt it sometimes but you can always fix it.

There is lots of cool grown up things that you get to do too. You get to drive a car and see your friends a lot. You can go to college if you want and you get to learn big words. Those big words make other people think you are smart (but it just means you can use a thesaurus).


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