Just Dream…


4 thoughts on “Just Dream…

  1. Hope,
    I can’t comment on your post from today, so I texted you. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    But, I wanted to really thank you for posting that video. Yeah, I’m crying now. It’s a good cry, though. Not a happy one, but a healing one. I’m sure you posted it because you could relate to it from your own experiences, but I really was that little girl playing with nature, believing that the sky was the limit. And in nature I was safe. I’m not 100% sure I told you, but a lot of the time when I used to dissociate when I was younger, I used to often block out what was going on–and daydream that I was an Native American princess, living off the Earth, safe, and having all that I needed. Nature was also, in reality, a way to escape. It was the only way I would be allowed out of my house… my hour upon hour-long bike rides. I’m kind of at loss for words… bc I feel like that video reminded me of the little bits of childhood that were precious, and not stolen from me. So, thank you for that.

    It hurts, but like I feel like I’ve said at least a thousand times in the past week or two, I know I can safely feel it if I just “ride out the wave”. I know personally, for me, I have to feel it in order for me to heal.

    I wish you peace today, and a free spirit. I wish you safety and love. I’m thinking of you.

    Joy et al.

    • Joy,
      Those few sweet moments of my childhood are summed in this video. Trees are a big part of my life because they were so special to me as a child. I’m writing a post right now about sweet moments of childhood because I need something to hold on to. Thank you, I love you.

    • Ivory,
      This video just reminded me of childhood innocents and sweet moments. It brought tears to my eyes because I just want to save that person. I want to rescue my childhood and make it safe. But, I can’t so I watch this video and remember laying in the grass and thinking about building castles in the trees.

      Thank you for commenting, Take Care.

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