Hurting, broken, scared.

Cannot repress anything more

No idea how to fix it

Except to feel

And, cannot fight the past

Feelings are real

Everything never known is real

To be real is the fear.


8 thoughts on “Untitled

    • Hey,
      Thanks for the email & the comment. Reliant K is awesome. Thanks for the link as well. :)

      I’m thinking about having a music share thing, kind of similar to the blog carnivals but a little different. Music can be so helpful.

      Take Care

  1. Oh Hun– that’s exactly right. ,isn’t it? That the fear of the real can be so overwhelming? We are sorry that you are there right now. We are thinking about you at this exact mention and we are wishing you rest. Pacing when you can.

    • Hey Splinterdones,
      Thank you for your kind words. I think being at this place right now is difficult but so healing. I’m finally allowing myself to feel and just be whatever.

      Feeling doesn’t feel good at all but I think thats okay. I have a really awesome therapist and a few supportive friends that are helping me to stay safe. But yes pacing would be good (and sleep.) :)

      Take Care

  2. Hope,
    Feeling the feelings SUCKS and yet is apparently an imperative part of healing. It hurts like hell, but, if I’ve learned anything in the past two months (which you know have been difficult for me); I have to “ride the wave” of the feelings, flashbacks, and that I WILL make it to the other side of the wave safely. I hope when you are flooded with feelings that you remember your incredible skills, and when you need us, your support system (some of whom have systems ;]). You are not in these difficult feelings alone.

    Joy et al.

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