The Chance To Fly

Life can be really tough at times, filled with sadness, hurt and hatred.

It can seem as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

When it feels like every day is bad.

And the pain is unbearable.

No matter how much work you do.

It never seems to be enough.

One cannot control everything.

The journey towards wellness is not an easy one.

It is long and hard.

It takes time.

Survival already happened.

Life beyond survival takes determination and courage.

And, everyone deserves the chance to fly.


2 thoughts on “The Chance To Fly

  1. The last 3 lines are powerful. I’ve heard this belief said somewhere not long ago. I’m embarrassed to say that I keep running out of determination and courage… Thanks for posting this, I needed a reminder.

  2. Ivory,
    Recently, I have had to re-evaluate my life. During that time I wrote this. But don’t be embarrassed about running out of determination & courage, I think it happens to lots of us.

    I get really burned out alot and constantly have to reinvent things in my life. I told my sister this and she asked me if I was trying to be like Madonna. :)

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