Clouds & Rain

See, ’cause sometimes everybody forgets the sky is blue.

And even though you might feel like you’re all alone late at night.

When it’s cold and dark your not.

The world might feel like its ignoring you.

The sun might not exactly shine.

It’s okay to feel that way.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to whimper and sob.

Your not the only one who is afraid.

We all know how wet tears feel on our faces.

Your allowed to be sad and upset just like everybody else.

And maybe sometimes it’s like there is nothing left to see.

There is nothing worth doing or saying.

And maybe it would be nice to climb into our beds and sleep forever.

But see, none of us see the light.

Night is dark for everyone.

So sometimes.

Everybody forgets the sky is blue.

And that is okay.


7 thoughts on “Clouds & Rain

    • Thanks for your kind words and letting me be a part of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. It is an awesome way for lots of interesting people to come together to share their struggles as well as their triumphs. Take Care.

  1. Sometimes the hope of seeing the next day’s blue sky in all of its glory is all that keeps us going through the long, long nights of fear, despair and abuse.

    Then one day you wake up and actually see that beautiful blue sky because the pain is gone. The fear is gone. The despair is gone. The abuse no longer happens. You are free. You look up and see how really blue and beautiful that sky is and wonder. Has it always been that blue and that clear and that beautiful? Your eyes are no longer covered by tears that you could hardly see through.

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