Learning Experience

What I think I learned the past year…

  • I might feel like I am going to die but I probably will not
  • I cannot read my journals
  • Relationships are choices
  • Sleep is over-rated
  • I eventually am going to die
  • Touch is suppose to be a choice
  • It is ok to let people in
  • Google is awesome
  • I can be nice to myself
  • Getting better does not feel good
  • There is reasons for almost everything
  • People watching is fun
  • Therapy does not just happen with my therapists
  • I do not have to be a statistic
  • Therapists cannot read minds
  • 4 days is the most I can go without sleep
  • Staying out of the hospital is not a contest with my family
  • Money does not mean anything
  • Shoes laces are awesome
  • It is ok to have friends
  • I can become who ever I want
  • I cannot ignore my insiders as it only makes everything worse
  • Insurance companies are assholes
  • I am human
  • I do have people who support me
  • I do not have to grow up
  • It is ok to be scared
  • There is no “normal”
  • Not everyone is who I thought they were
  • I am allowed to feel
  • I am different
  • If I sleep for exactly 3 hours I do not dream
  • No one can tell me the answers
  • I do not have to be perfect
  • Everyone’s family is complicated
  • Isolating is not fun
  • The truth scares people sometimes
  • DID is not an excuse for anything
  • I do have friends
  • Everyone will not hurt me
  • Self-harm is a coping mechanism
  • I live vicariously through song lyrics
  • I cannot change the past
  • Chap stick is awesome
  • I do not have to remember everything to heal
  • I can find ways around everything
  • Writing myself notes is helpful
  • I like making lists
  • Numbers do not matter
  • I like organization
  • I despise change
  • Art is important to everyone inside
  • I do not have to believe in god
  • The truth hurts
  • I am a very tactile person
  • One of my insiders is color blind
  • I generalize all touch as bad
  • Soy milk is dairy free
  • I do not have to forgive
  • My family dynamic scares me
  • I like animals a lot
  • I can read this list when I feel bad
  • Taking breaks are necessary
  • Denial is easier
  • Not everyone does what they are supposed to
  • It is easier to live one hour at a time
  • DID is an adaptation
  • My insiders did and still do help me
  • I do not have to do everything alone
  • If I cannot think of 365 things for this list it is ok

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