My Choice To Be “Self-Centered”

During my childhood, I did not have choices. I had things forced upon on my little childlike body. The word “no” did not exist in my vocabulary. I had never heard the word boundaries. Let alone know I could have them.

However, within the past year I have figured out that now, I can choose things. I have chosen to return to school. I have chosen not fight therapy and to just let professionals help me. I am starting to choose who I show love to.

The most important thing that I did choose was to start my journey of healing. I could have picked a very different path than I did. I could have become an addict, or a criminal. I could have chosen to stay a victim but I decided to call myself a survivor.

Recently my mother told me “I am self-centered and selfish for not giving someone a hug”.

I thought about what she said, I realized something. The first 22 years of my life, it was about everyone else.

While I experienced long-term sadistic abuse as a child. I kept my abuse a secret unconsciously because I was worried about how it would ruin the family image. My family stole my childhood away from me because of the unrealistic image they choose to show others.  They enabled my abusers for years until one of them died.

Selfish actually means caring only about oneself and I do not see anything wrong with that. At this point in my journey, I need to work on self-care. I am learning that it is ok and very healthy to establish boundaries.

I will not let others control my life. I will not do anything that I do not feel comfortable doing. If someone gets offended by not getting a hug, too bad. I am an adult now and a survivor. I make decisions for myself based on what makes me feel safe.

Therefore, “Self-centered” and “selfish”…damn right I am!


2 thoughts on “My Choice To Be “Self-Centered”

  1. I smiled when I read the title to this post.

    I get blamed for not wanting to hug. As if it is my fault. I know it hurts my mom. It is just not often good for me. That’s sad it is the way it is.

    My parents would not have let what was going on happen if they knew. That still had to deal with the anger. They failed and will not face they failed.

    • Hey Michael,

      I think that if parents or anyone realized how twisted abuse esp SRA is they wouldnt make us feel bad for not hugging them. I think that hugging my family is the hardest because I don’t feel like they are safe. I just recently hugged my therapist for the first time and it made me feel so safe.

      I am glad that you can say that your parents wouldn’t have let your abuse happen if they knew. I think that very healing for both you and them. I don’t think that my parents will ever say that they failed even if they think it. That would make it too real and we wouldn’t want anything to be real would we? :)

      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad your smiled when you read the title of my post. Take Care, Be Well.


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