A Blind Eye

If you watch the news or Oprah, you have seen that Mackenzie Phillips has written a book on incest growing up. Singletons have some very different and often very disturbing views on her new book. Some feel as if Mackenzie Phillips is being courageous in sharing her story with the world, but there is so much criticism of her new book. People are saying that they don’t believe her. And that she is making it up.

But seriously most people don’t lie about abuse related things. I read in my abnormal psychology book that less than 1% of abuse related claims are made up. So that means that 99% of all abuse that is reported is legitimate. The book written by Mackenzie Phillips shows America that incest abuse exists. But as always the general public doubts that abuse could possibly happen. There are so many kids’ lives being ruined by abuse.

There was another story of a girl Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped 18 years ago and she suffered abuse and programming from her abuser. She even had her abusers two children while she was kept in a shed.

More and more people are coming out and telling their story, and they should be able to tell their stories without being criticized. They aren’t the ones at fault; it’s their abusers that should be getting criticisms. I get so angry when I go on twitter and I see people’s tweets about Mackenzie Phillips and they are so mean, disrespectful and ignorant. The general public is so blind when they doubt that incest and ritual abuse exists. There have been two women in the last month who have been severely abused and there are so many others afraid to use their voice. They silence themselves because of ignorant people in this world.

It was NOT YOUR FAULT. Despite what choices anyone makes in their lives NO ONE disserves to be abused.


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