Wake Up! DID Exists

Child abuse is not a new thing at all. It has been happening for centuries. It is not rare at all either. According to child abuse statistics 2.6 million reports concerning the welfare of approximately 4.5 million children were made. That is just the ones that were reported. Statistics say that over 20 percent of child abuse/ ritual abuse go unreported. Who’s to say that approximately over 40 of those cases don’t develop a trauma disorder, DID?

But we don’t understand is that there is so much abuse whether it be physical, sexual or emotional and people refuse to acknowledge to DID exists. You wouldn’t tell someone who had cancer that they were fabricating it. Why should people with DID be told that when had to suffer and still suffer from the effects of out trauma disorder. According to the Institute of Mental Health Research, more people suffer from depression and mental illness in general, than heart disease, cancer and AIDS combined.

Insurance companies refuse to pay for our managed care, which is ridiculous. We need more people on our side advocating for us. In retrospect we really aren’t the ones who need therapy. Our abusers need therapy. But yet we are stuck paying for it because of what “they” did to us. Good therapy isn’t cheap; we can’t just have therapy once a week either. Individuals within the DID community usually have therapy session 2-3 times a week.

Not counting other kinds of therapy such as art, equine or DBT. And then there is a psychiatrist that is defiantly a whole other topic to be addressed. Our weekly therapeutic cost can vary whether your insurance covers it or not, but most times they don’t or are out of network but approximately $600 a week. This could add up to almost $30,000 a year.

Not counting hospital stays, which a regular inpatient unit most likely is not going help us. We need a specialized trauma unit. There’s usually a waiting list if it’s a good unit and you wait and finally get on there and your adjusting to hospital life for about 10 days and you’re “stable”, then insurance decides well the patient doesn’t need to be here. And refuses to pay so we are discharged.

We never get the true treatment we disserve because we have to rely on issuance companies putting a price on our mental health. We are always directly or indirectly affected but what our abusers did to us. It is like a never ending circle that us DID’ers always seem to be stuck in. The nation needs to wake up and realize that we exist and we are trying to live normal lives and we are stuck picking up the pieces for what someone else did to us.


3 thoughts on “Wake Up! DID Exists

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  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! What a courageous and wonderful thing you are doing — taking your trauma and making something meaningful out of it. I’ve done the same thing and it is SO rewarding. Plus, clinicians and trained professionals are great, but there’s nothing like a survivor who knows, understands and anticipates what you need — without having to have a whole discussion about it! Lots of luck. Looking forward to watching you grow. :)

  3. Hey Michele,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am really looking forward to helping others. I have a therapist who is a survivor and there a differnt kind of feeling or connection when they say “I get that”.

    Survivors disevere alot of respect. They after all are heros. They use their voice even if its a whisper. We talk about things that others think should be kept quiet.

    Thanks for doing what you do for the survivor community. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Take Care.

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